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High Poly Render

These renders show a high poly model of a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, the vehicle of choice for today’s busy parent. The idea was this: Anyone can make a European sports car look good, but how come nobody ever shoots minivans at sexy angles? This is an original model based on blueprints from the Dodge website, built in Maya and rendered using Mental Ray.

High Poly Render 1 High Poly Render 1 High Poly Render 1

Render Pipeline

This images represent a lesson in The Pipeline - a process used by studios when many artists work on a single product. The models were created by someone else (someone who's process varies greatly from my own!) and the challenge is to use what is given to you and make it beautiful.
Original Models from: Bedroom & Science Fiction Challenge

High Poly Render 1 High Poly Render 1

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